Thursday, April 22, 2010


The last three weeks of April are and will be so hectic. I have a presentation and a paper due for a college class. I was gone from 4:20 in the morning to 8:30 at night on Wednesday, and I have SO much school work to make up. I have work on both Friday and Saturday. I have the ACT next Wednesday, and the PSAE on Thursday. I'll be gone from school on Friday too, because I'm going to Keokuk to decorate for Prom (I'm on the prom decorating committee). Saturday is Prom. I will have a week-long break, and then I'll have exams for an additional week. We had voting for prom court on Monday, and we got the results on Wednesday. I made it onto prom court!!! Me, Kayla, Maria, Morgan, Ashley, Q, Luke, Seth, Brennan, and Seth are all on prom court. Q is my escort!! This is exciting, but it also adds to my craziness. We're going out for dinner sometime next week.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wdding plans #1 - Colors, ring, and cake

My friend Amanda has a school assignment to plan her wedding. She asked me and Lexi and Amber if we wanted to do it with her. Of course I said yes. What teenage girl would say no?
This ring is my favorite. It's simple and pretty. Lexi was saying she didn't like it because it was too simple, but I like it - it can go formal and casual. And, this isn't even the ring I'll choose, I'm sure.
First I'd like to mention that I would like my wedding colors to be red and white. They're classy, but not white tie extravagance. Plus, I can have red and white roses for decoration.
I like this idea to have cupcakes. I had never even heard of having cupcakes until I saw some pictures. But I like it. No one has to cut all the pieces for everyone. I went to a wedding where someone was assigned to stand by the cake the whole time, waiting for people to come and ask him to cut pieces for them of their desired size. Not at my wedding. With cupcakes, I wouldn't need to provide forks or plates - just napkins. And have you ever heard of someone having offered to "send a piece of the cake" to an unfortunate person who missed the wedding? Cupcakes would make that easier to accomplish. I also like the cakes below. I'm feeling a little iffy about the cake on the right, because I'm not a fan of frosting-with-cake, when it should be cake-with-frosting. There's only one frosting recipe in the whole world that I like.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'If you like smoothies, and driving for 21 hours.'

I know it's been over a month since I last
posted, but please forgive me. Since I last
posted...I was an alternate for state track,
and I didn't run, but I got a varsity letter.
School got out on the 21st. I went to Cali
on a school trip; I went to Six Flags and
Universal Studios. I had my 4th year Girls
Camp hike & camp. While we were hiking, I
fell, and I will post some pictures of my shin.
It's lovely. Girl's Camp! The weather has
been so freaky! We've gone from this-
to this- !
These are our kittens! We may keep one, but
is anyone interested in a kitten or two, maybe
a mommy cat?
In my next post, I will post pictures of Girl's
I'm looking at my classes for next year, and
I'm confused beyond all reason. argh I've been
planning all my classes as the classes Millard
provides, and the classes of my new school are
way different. haha I can't figure out what I
want to do. humph We have everything for the move figured out, and one day after we get there, I will be going to a tri-stake Youth Conference. We'll start driving on the 14th, get there the 15th, and I will take a lot of pictures while we are driving to post! Doesn't this look so good? This picture was taken in April, but I've been making smoothies all summer. They complete my life. My favorite: 1 banana
orange juice

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Oh baby, baby"

As I forgot to mention in my last post, Mia took (most of) those pictures on Easter, in my Easter dress. Others were at state FCCLA. We had a JV track meet on Wednesday. It was pretty enjoyable, hmm, except for the fact that it was snowing!, and it was at Juab, where the wind is ALWAYS blowing. I ran the 100 meter dash, and ran in the 4x1 relay. second to last. Oh, baby. We gave up and left before I could run in the 200. Mr. Bob was there, and he let me wear coat. We all thought we were going to die of hypothermia.
At practice on Thursday, I found out that Groesbeck signed me up for the 400 meter dash on Friday at an invitational meet at Juab! What! I had NEVER ran a 400 before. (That's once around the track) At practice I ran one to get the hang of it. Tiffany said it looked good, but I could barely carry my blocks back to out them away. Jannet offered to put them away for me. I love Jannet.
On Friday, a couple of guys brought camping chairs, so me, Kensie, Elias, Rendon, and Jens sat in them(rotating between a couple of other people as the events came and went). We were all huddled with blankets, and sitting on each other's feet, trying to stay warm. Daddy and Noah came to visit us. TONS of parents came. Rendon went to do the pole vault, and I taught people to say "ganbare!" In the pole vault they keep raising the bar higher and higher, and if you hit the bar, you get a mark. three marks and you're out. Well, Rendon had hit the bar twice, and he was running to jump again. We were all yelling "ganbare!, Ganbare!".....he hit the bar. Silence. Then Elias said "Ganbare." haha
After a couple of hours, they made the first call for the 400. As I was walking over there, I was so nervous, I thought I was going to pee my pants. They called out who was going to be in the first heat. someonesomeone from somewheresomewhere and Natasha from Millard. What? The first heat? Only one other person? What was the world coming to? So this other girl was a no-show, hmm am I racing myself then? They put me in the second heat, in the second lane. 7 other girls. foo. I was maybe going 85~90% on the first 100, and I was getting ahead. The second 100, I was taking big strides. By the end of the second 100 was where Millard was camped. I was in the lead with a big gap in back of me. Everyone was cheering for me. I started sprinting fast. Still ahead. Then I heard someone behind me, with people shouting "Go, Mary. Pass her. You can take her Mary." Thanks. That makes me feel good. She passed me up. I tried to go faster, but I couldn't swallow, I couldn't breath, all I could do was think about putting some more clothes on, and keep running. I finished in second. Considering it was my first try, I'm feelin' pretty good. Oh baby! I walked back to our camp site, and tried to drink some gatorade we brought, but I couldn't swallow it. Rendon stopped me and said; "Hey Tashi, I was watching you. YOu did a good job." People were watching me? My butt hurt to bad, I was going sit down when Jumbo said; "We were watching you, and I was like, she just hit her wall." So that's why I couldn't run faster. It all makes sense now. So I sat down. It didn't help. It hurt even more. Mr.Bob walkes over looks at me without saying anything, and shakes my hand. It was kinds funny espesially since he had out his hand on my neck only a little while before.
We sat around for a couple more hours we filmed people saying "Usopyon", and "Ganbare", and "nandeyanen" and "jane". They're on Lexi's camera, so she should post them. We re all freezing our butts off, so we would yell "Keel, let's go home!" "Nathan! Home! Bus!" but they wouldn't let us leave. Me, Kensie, Jens, Elias had to run the 200, which was last. Groesbeck made us run. I n my heat there were three people. Me, Kensie, and some other girl. I know Kensie's faster than me. This will be nice. On the curve, I was behind them, but I was catching up. Gradually, I was getting closer to Kensie. We were tied. Then we hit the finish line. She was soooo mad. No comment. Squishee! Ume?! In our garden a couple of days ago, I took these pictures of our apricot tree.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'He's the Reason for the Teardrops on my Pillow'

My Easter eggs!
'I've been dreaming...'
OwOW! Hot babe!
Emma and I.
My Mims.
No comment.
You and me?
Mia's request.
'You make me wanna scream!"
oo la la
Look at those guns! Oh baby.
Strut that runway.
Me with my posters at state FCCLA.
My fatties. *sigh*
osenbei osenbei yaketa kana?
The back of my FCCLA shirt.
(same) Let's party!
My new Hollister shirt I bought. Cute.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

"The Prestige."

blog readability test

TV Reviews

You have to kidding me. Elementary school? My dad's is Junior High level. Hm. I was excepted to said party. It was so fun.I left straight from track practice, in my B-E-A-utiful attire Lexi made me wear that day. I still haven't recovered. If only you knew how many strange looks I got the entire day. You would be crying. I wore red and white striped leggings, pulled up to my knees, with my Cat in The Hat sweatshirt. I looked like a Dr. Seuss character. To top it off, my foot-apparel consisted of my fluffy, pink slippers. From 4:00~6:00, we got ready for Bryan's surprise-welcome-home-and-late-birthday-party. It was so beautiful. We ate pizza, bread sticks, cookies, pop, and pie. we scooted around on scooters, danced, beat each other with balloons, played Guitar Hero, and made music videos at Kelsey's house. If I can, I will post the music videos on here. I can't even begin to describe them. After you've recovered from crying about my horrendous outfit, you'll start crying again from the beauty of the videos. We had to leave Kelsey's at 9:00, so we then migrated a block down to Wade's house. We watched his home-videos for a while, then we started watching Bruce Almighty, before the girls had to go; the boys were sleeping over at Wade's. Wade was censoring the movie for us, muting it when necessary, and muting unnecessary parts. So, all summed up, it was spectacularly fun.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Now, when was the last time I posted? Too long ago. My birthday was happy, and Valentines was happy. Kelsey was my valentine. Yeah, baby. I have to prove to Wade and Sharpie that I'm a party animal. What? I know. Don't ask me. I'll tell you if I'm excepted. So things have been getting better. Compared to when the school-year first started, I'm so much happier. The school year's almost 3/4 of the way done. Can you believe it? I can't either. I'm not the background collage anymore. I'm making my way to the picture that tells the story. That reminds me-our extended stout family wen and saw Minerva Teichert's display at the BYU art museum. Mana came to visit that weekend. Sadly, she was sick most of the time, and wasn't able to participate in Fillmore's 'many' activities. It is my turn to be sick, with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and severe ear pains. I'm hoping I will feel better in time for the first day of TRACK tomorrow! Oh yeah, baby! There's also a fireside tonight that I wish to attend. Recently I've heard many people sympathize for me on how terrible it must be to attend meek little Millard High, and recent move-ins have also made their complaints. On the contrary, I prefer to have a small school. I know either everyone's face or name, if not mostly both. Walking to every class, I can say hi to at least 5 people. It's nice. If your good buddy's not there, you can still talk to someone you know relativly well, and they know you some-what, so it's all good. You're close with everyone, the only problem is your personal life. Everyone knows if you're in a relationship. Half the school will know who you like-after one day of school-if you tell ONE person. It's crazy, but I love it. Speaking of which, I don't like anyone, but I've still 'got my flirt on'. "Flirting is a womans' trait; she must always keep in practice." This is true you see. I need to go work on my Easter dress now, so TTFN. Today the sky was beautiful. I was riding into my valley on the bus, and all of a sudden I felt like I was bathing in the sun. The clouds that had hovered over me for so long had made a circle in the sky, and left a patch of bright blue right over my head. The way ahead was clear of clouds, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the sun shone behind me. It seemed to say, "See, I've been here all along, and you've nearly forgotten me. I'm right here, I'm behind you."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

'You can stand under my parasol'

So I'm in computers right now. I just got out of chorus, and Mr. Bob (Mr. Shields) gave me a B. geez. I'm I'm I'm....angry! (haha) He also let me explain what a downbeat is to the class, because I got an A on my test. That made me feel accomplished. hhmmm. I'm sitting next to Janette, who is playing a strange game on, while I listen to my iPod. That's right. I finally set up my iPod. I was thinking about the world's busiest intersection today. It's pretty cool. Nest to the Tokyu Hands book store. I remember when my mom took Lexi and I there once, and she bought me the 3 Frog & Toad books. She then took us to TGI Fridays for dinner. I think my dad met us there, too. That was a fun day. It's almost time to get out of class now, so I'd better go now. toodles. Why is it, that we tend to give our hearts to those who don't give in return? Though of the day.
Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars